exhibition/event 2018年 展覧会・イベントスケジュール


展示室A=マリア・ゲルベロフ「2001年 ブエノスアイレス・封鎖される文化」
Maria Guerberof
"Buenos Aires 2001: a culture under siege"

助成    協力 

 "without bread and without work"


私のようなブエノスアイレス娘は、独裁権力の見えざる輪や軍の暗殺団に拉致された無数の「消され者 desaparecidos」の話を聞いて育ちました。アルゼンチンには、より富裕な欧米諸国による搾取と依存という南米なりの複雑な歴史があります。なお、旧体制が国際通貨基金(IMF)に膨大な負債をしたせいで、福祉の大幅削減と失業を受け続けています。迫害、拷問と失踪ー政権のドンたちが一般国民に振るうテロは現に進行中です。
略   歴:

 This project is based on memories of my place of birth, Argentina.Fifteen years ago,during the brutal economic crash of 2001-02, we saw the total breakdown of ou society.There was no choice but to leave and move from one country to the nest. I never returned.Recently I've gone back over my archive of old negatives from those crisis years in Argentina,images bearing witness to the slimes of desperation and commitment that shaped my vision as a photographer.
 Photographic practice is a way for me to construct a new reality from vantage point of political awareness and resistance:mu aim is to find a visual narrative by which to think critically about violence and its consequences for a culture.This series of photos taken on my daily wandering around the city of Buenos Aires represents an emotional response to the chaotic moment I left the country and to the sinister invisibility of power.

Political context;
As a child in Buenos Aires, I grew up hearing about dictatorship and countless desaparecidos - "disappeared ones" killed in secret by military death squads and invisible higher circles of power. South America has very complex history of exploitation and dependence on richer European countries and the USA.Argentina in particular continues to suffer severe cuts in welfare and extreme uneemployment due to illegtimate debts incurred by the former regime to the International Monetary Fund(IMF). Persecution, torture and disappearance - terror waged on ordinary sitizens by po;otocal bosses - is still an on-going reality.

Maria Guerberof:
Originally from Buenos Aires, Argentina.Maria sutudied philosophy, photography and film/television production.Now based in London, her photographs and cinema shorts have been shown at numerous international venues includinf Cannesm Berlin and Zifmond Vilmos Film Festival.She also works in collaboration with the Media Department, Asian Performing Arts UK. www.guerberof.com

Hayato Nishimura "Interference Experiment"

 ”Cockcroft-Walton accelerator"

 干渉実験(interference experiment)に思いを巡らすことは、「思考と観察」をめぐる考察にとって格好の機会である。理論的な予測はいかなる実験によって検証されるのか。現象の背景にある法則や機序はいかに見出されるのか。何らかの形で観察可能な現象が検出されることにより、我々に科学的な知として認知される。今回の写真展では、科学的な知を基盤とした認知の拡張をテーマとした展示を行う。

略   歴:
1977年島根県生まれ、埼玉県在住。写真作家。RED Photo Gallery(東京・新宿御苑前)共同運営。自然科学の研究現場および科学的な概念を題材とした写真作品の制作を行う。これまでMATSUO MEGUMI+VOICE GALLERY pfs/w(京都、2014年/2016年/2017年)、RED Photo Gallery(東京、2016年/2017年/2018年)、コニカミノルタプラザ(東京、2012年)、Place M(東京、2010年)など20回以上の個展を開催。ミオ写真奨励賞(2009年/2010年)、KG+ finalist top3(2016年)。

 Dr.Akira Tonomura's(1942-2012) double slit experiment at a Royal Society Friday Lecture is often regaded as one of the ten most beautiful scientific experiments in the world. I concentrate until I can picture the entire experiment in my mind's eye. Little by little dots appera, then after a while striped patterns, the wave nature of electrons made visible.
 Looking at interference experiments is a good way to ponder concepts of "thought and observation". How to experimentally verify hteotical predictions? How to expose th laws and mechanisms behind phenomena? Detecting observable phenomena helps us redognise scientific knowledge.Thia exhibition focuses on extending our awareness via scientific thinkings.

Hayato Nishimura.
 Born 1977 in Izumo,currently based in Saitama.Photographer and co-founder of RED Photo Gallery, Tokyo.Over twenty solo shows of photographic work based on scientific experimentation and concepts, including MATSUO MEGUMI+VOICE GALLERY ofs/w, Kyoto (2014.2016.2017), RED Photo Gallery, Tokyo(2016.2017.2018),Konica Minolta Plaza, Tokyo(2012) and Place M , Tokyo(2010), Awards include the Mio Photo Award(2009,2010) and KG+ top 3 finalist(2016).





「透明の対話」漆喰壁に顔料 ブオンフレスコ技法、ストラッポ技法 / 295×472cmキューブ内外4面 / 2017年
*「清流の国ぎふ芸術祭 Art Award IN THE CUBE 2017」岐阜県美術館(2017)出品作を一部再構成して展示